Our Vision


Since our establishment in 1994, we have always kept an open mind with regards to the environment. Our findings have helped us understand, respond to and fulfil our clients' needs and demands pertaining to the changes in the environment.

In pursuit of recognition as a leading engineering utility and environmental company in Asia, we place a great deal of emphasis on exchanging ideas and promoting mutual understanding between the needs of our clients and the need for preservation.

With the challenges of growing populations, depleting natural resources and deteriorating ecosystems, our dedication to superior water treatment methodologies and solid waste management solutions is central to everything we do.

Our Mission

Everyday, hundres of thousands of people rely on the ChemQuest Group to meet life's constant demands for clean, treated water and safe solid waste management systems. Our services range from providing total solutions to creating sound strategies for the municipalities and industrial sectors.

Much of our strength is derived from the wealth of resources we possess, in finances, people and technologies. We also strive to foster innovative and long-term smart partnerships with our clients and to consistently surpass their expectations with our service.

Understanding and presiding over the environmental impact are integral to the way we conduct our business activities. Such profound awareness makes us even more receptive and responsible when dealing with the expectations of our expertise.


Our Contribution


In the fast-growing countries of the Asian region, the provision of adequate clean water and secure waste management solutions is essential for sustained economic growth. Our subsidiaries are consistently playing a key role in the development of modern infrastructure that meets the requirements of individual clients.

Our goal is to innovate new methodologies and processes that meet these objectives :

  • Trust; to raise the level of health and safety standards.
  • Accountability; to sustain a transparent mode of operations.
  • Partnership; to collaborate with major research organisations.
  • Growth; to constantly expand with the discovery of new information.


The supply of water, already a problem in various parts of Asia, is likely to worsen in the future. A specialist in water treatment, the ChemQuest Group is keen to assist in protecting this resource in terms of water conservation, efficient treatment of wastewater and improving the quality of water.

Due to the many origins and forms of water pollution, greater knowledge is required to address this problem. This is where we place priority in conducting the neccessary research to transform every project into a success.


Be it domestic or industrial in origin, waste directly affects the quality of life in terms of breathing air quality and visual pollution. As a strong supporter of public health, the ChemQuest Group believes that waste management activities must take into consideration the major environmental issues such as the control of effluent and atmospheric contamination.

Additionally, our policies on preserving natural resources and keeping greenhouse gases under control are well rooted to complement the local authorities and industries with comprehensive solutions to safer waste management.

Strength From Diversity


We recognise the fact that meeting our customers' expectations calls for an environmental system that incorporates the protection of the environment at all stages of the process.

To facilitate effective results, the ChemQuest Group is guided by the following best practices:

  • Regular assessment of environmental performances of each location involving water treatment or waste management.
  • Implementation of environmental friendly policies that are based on proven quality control standards.

Asia is the fastest-growing consumer market in the world. Operating within the region, the ChemQuest Group is able to continually fuel the growth of industries through our innovations and sound strategies in water treatment and waste management. Being a diversified group, the ChemQuest Group has also positioned itself in the manufacturing and trading sectors. Looking ahead, the ChemQuest Group is also expanding its business horizon into the information technology-related industry.

Committed to growth and development of the region, we highly value long-term business relationships and smart partnership that result in the proverbial win-win for all involved.

We also believe that having an effective communication channel with our business clients is the key to our business. That is why all our clients, shareholders as well as business associates and partners have direct access to us. We always welcome their feedback through regular dialogue sessions. As our knowledge and understanding increase with the successful projects undertaken, we are in a better position to ensure the preservation of the wealth of the environment and support the enhancement of the ecosystem.


The Power of Teamwork


We invest unstintingly in our people. At the ChemQuest Group, we believe that only with the right people can we achieve our goal to build a strong, vibrant and environmental-friendly business.

Our investment in our people is what really gives us the biggest returns. Our people are the reason we are able to deliver strong results despite keen competition in Asia. Our people have helped build the ChemQuest Group's RM300 million financial portfolio and we believe in them whole-heartedly.

Our corporate values are understood by everyone in the organisation. We believe in sharing ideas and promoting an open system management. Our open communication culture also keeps us in direct contact with our people at all levels. This way, the management is able to convey the latest strategic direction to the staff while addressing issues related to the smooth running of the ChemQuest Group.

In keeping with the nature of our business, we insist that all our people possess a strong sense of professionalism and environmental awareness. The ChemQuest Group places great emphasis on employee training in all its business segments. Of this, a significant part of the training programmes is on environmental protection.

Last but not least, our people are devoted to research and development on environmental protection. Their work consists of innovating the right tools and development solutions best suited to preserving and protecting the environment. Such development includes methods of analysis, treatment processes, recycling and recovery.

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